Skiing: a brief history and its varieties

Skiing originated around 8000 years ago in northern Scandinavia and were used by a people known as the Sami. Most probably, skis were first used to get around on the snow and ice purely for practicality rather than for entertainment. It is not until much later that people thought about skiing for fun. Did you … Continue reading Skiing: a brief history and its varieties

Skiing types by definition

Match the skiing style to its definition on the right Downhill/ Alpine Cross-country/ Nordic Mogul Freestyle   Snowboarding Halfpipe    Aerial    Ski racingBackcountryTelemark A) This style involves not using poles. The skier must go down a slope quickly and then jump as far as possible. An alternative to distance is style: somersaults and turns are given extra points. B) Basically this type of skiing … Continue reading Skiing types by definition