Match the skiing style to its definition on the right

Downhill/ Alpine 
Cross-country/ Nordic 
Ski racing

A) This style involves not using poles. The skier must go down a slope quickly and then jump as far as possible. An alternative to distance is style: somersaults and turns are given extra points.

B) Basically this type of skiing means going up on a ski lift or chair and then coming down a steep slope.

C) This style is a combination of different styles with the addition of going over jumps and obstacles; the more impressive the jump the better.

D) This style is skiing over bumps or mounds of snow.

E) This style is based on time: the faster the better, remembering to keep to the path set out by gates.

F) No ski lifts permitted here. The skier goes up a slope and then skis off-piste over territory with no path to follow.

G) To do this type of skiing you must be very fit. You must travel across areas going both up and down following a path. You do not use ski lifts

H) To practise this style, one flat board is used to swoop down a slope or to jump.

I) This type involves both alpine and cross country skiing. The heels of the skier’s boots are not attached to the skis.

J) This was an official Olympic sport for the first time at the Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014. The skier goes down a high-sided, curved lane and makes amazing jumps and flips.

Downhill/ Alpine B
Cross-country/ Nordic G
Mogul D
Freestyle   C
Snowboarding  H
Halfpipe J
Aerial    A
Ski racing    E
Backcountry  F
Telemark  I