Did you know that the position you sleep in describes your personality?  Match the picture of the sleeping position to the character description of the sleeper.

Starfish Position; Soldier Position; Foetal Position; Free Fall Position; Yearner Position; Log Position

Starfish Position
Soldier Position
Foetal Position
Free Fall Position
Yearner Position
Log Position

A) These sleepers are good listeners and like to offer help to others. They prefer not to be the centre of attention and yet they make friends easily.

B) These sleepers like to be in the centre of attention. They love parties since they are sociable. They have a trusting nature and therefore can sometimes get taken in.

C) These sleepers are out-going and self-confident. However, they don’t like being criticised.

D) The most common position. People who sleep like this are shy but appear tough. They have kind hearts.

E) These sleepers take ages to make up their minds and are stubborn once they have decided. They might be considered obstinate for this reason.

F) These people are quiet and do not like to be disturbed. They like order and have high expectations of themselves.

Answers: A = Starfish, B= Log, C= Free fall, D= Foetal, E= Yearner, F= Soldier